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Educational Family Activities for This Holiday Break

There are many ways to spend your winter break. Students usually take this time to relax and don't want to know anything about school, but learning can take place anyway. It is important that students take some time off structured learning, but there are still all kinds of fun learning experiences they can take advantage of during break. What better way to make the most of this holiday season than to spend it as a family enjoying educational activities?

Interesting Educational Activities to Enjoy During Winter Break

  1. DIY holiday gifts. Making your own gifts to give during the holidays is not just practical, it is also educational and a great way to spend time together. You can use recycled materials and other craft supplies to make your own gifts. There are many simple and easy to make ideas online. Even the youngest child can make his/her own gift to give by gathering clumps of clay and creating a sculpture. They can then paint it and wrap it for a unique and significant gift. It is also a good idea to attach your own handwritten and home made gift cards along with the presents.
  2. Write a story. It is always fun to sit around the chimney in the cold weather while making s'mores and telling stories. Try having a special notebook where you write down stories and maybe even create silly ones together. Have someone start the story out loud and write it down in the notebook. It can be something like  ¨Once upon a time there was a talking rock that...¨ Once they say this out loud they must write it down and from then on everything is written down not said out loud until it is completed. They then pass down the notebook to the next family member who then scribbles down another line that continues on with the story. Next, they pass down the notebook to someone else who reads what they wrote and continues the story briefly before passing it on. You continue to do this until a certain time is up and someone writes the conclusion. At the end, pick someone to read the entire story out loud. It will probably create a lot of laughs and become quite memorable. It is also a good idea to set a timer for about two minutes per person. Each person should get about three rounds, so if there are five family members, each will get to go two minutes and the notebook will go around three times for each person.  Keep the notebook as a special silly story book and store it safely to share at family reunions or just to keep as a family treasure.
  3. Tutoring help. Use the winter break to help your child practice math and other skills in a fun and practical way with the help of tutoring experts. At The Tutoring Center, Parsippany NJ, they have the ideal tutoring program to help your child get ahead or catch up on any school subject that may be causing them difficulty. Contact them today at (973) 884-3100 or by filling out the form on this page, and be sure to ask for your free consultation.
  4. Go out. Going out as a family is fun and doesn't have to be expensive. You can take a hike or go out on a walk at the park. You can also visit your local library and take advantage of the holiday events they host. Some museums also have special exhibits and even performances during this time of year. It doesn't hurt to check out the local places in your city for more information on free events the whole family can enjoy.
  5. Make an obstacle course. Using different objects from your home, help your child create an obstacle course in the living room. Have them plan out what furniture and items they will use and make sure you state what is off limits beforehand. This will probably keep children busy for a while as they must first plan and then build their obstacle course. Once the obstacle course is completed, they can then have a timed challange and see who can get through the entire obstacle course faster. You can even film them and create some cherished videos to watch as the years go by.

Winter Break Tutoring in Parsippany

Regardless of how you decide to spend your winter break, it is important that you don't allow your child to fall behind or continue struggling. Enroll them today in the best tutoring program in Parsippany NJ. Call The Tutoring Center, Parsippany NJ at (973) 884-3100 today for more information.


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