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If you would like your child to avoid winter break learning loss, which can cause them to go into the new year like a blank slate, follow the tips in this post by .

How to Prevent Winter Break Learning Loss

For school-age children, winter break is a time in which they get to enjoy the holidays alongside family and friends. However, even though they may want to forget all about their academics at this time, actually doing so may be troubling for them once the new year rolls around. To make sure your child doesn't fall victim to winter break learning loss, here are a few activities you can do with them.

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Encourage Them to Read and Write Often

Two of the most beneficial activities one can engage in during their free time (regardless if they're students or not), is reading and writing. For starters, reading will help your child develop and practice a few academic skills (such as grammar, spelling, and reading comprehension), as well as learn about different subjects and acquire a wider vocabulary. Writing, on the other hand, will help your child explore their own thoughts, opinions, and feelings, and express them in a healthy way. Moreover, it will allow them to use their creativity and become a more effective communicator. For these reasons, you should encourage your child to read and write over the break. Provide material by great authors and motivate them to keep a journal of their break, so they can keep their mind active.

Read Notes and Study

It's almost certain that the last thing your child wants to do during their summer break is think about school and studying. Still, as mentioned above, winter break learning loss may occur, which can interfere with their learning process once the new year comes and it's time to go back to school. That's why, if you want your child to avoid going into the new year as a blank slate, you should encourage them to read their notes and study a few times over their winter break. Simply reviewing their notes a couple of times on the week leading up to their return to school can refresh their mind and make a big difference in how well they do in their classes.

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Go On a Few Learning Trips Together

Winter break means that both you and your child will have a lot more free time. If that's the case, why not search for fun activities that you can do together, that can get you out of the house, and that can create a learning opportunity? For instance, you can take your child to an art or a natural history museum. You can also pay the zoo a visit, or go to the library. The idea here is that you have fun while surrounding your child with information that will help them learn about their world. Plus, spending time together will allow you to bond more, which may help your child develop stronger relationships with others later on.

Play a Few Games

If what your child wants is to focus on having fun this winter break, you can incorporate a few games into their routine that can help them learn. Doing so will help them practice their academic skills without making them feel like they're studying or doing homework. For instance, a game of Scrabble can allow them to go over their vocabulary and their spelling skills. There is also a myriad of different apps and games that give your child the opportunity to work on their math, reading, grammar, and more, in a fun and entertaining manner.

Talk to Your Child About Their Academics

Last but not least, you should talk to your child about their academics to keep the lessons learned fresh in their minds. For instance, you can ask them what their favorite school subject is, why, and what they learned in it. You may also think to ask about the information they should know. For example, if your child has a history class, ask them to explain to you what happened during the Revolutionary War, when it happened, who was involved, why, and more. Talking to your child will help them think about the information they already know.

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