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With the new year comes the chance to be better. If you think you could improve your academic life, here are some academic new year's resolutions that you can try to keep. 

Academic New Year's Resolutions

The new year is a new beginning in which you get to reinvent yourself and improve on areas of your life that need it. If you're a student, you can keep a few new year's resolutions so you can progress academically. If you're at a loss for what resolutions to keep, you can try with the ones gathered in the following post.

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Work on Being Organized

An organized student is one who can keep track of their academic responsibilities more easily. This is why you should strive to become more organized during this new year. For example, you can have a planner where you write down all of your assignments and work out a schedule to complete each of them in. You can also try to be more organized with your belongings, so your learning process isn't hindered due to a lack of pencils. Finally, organize your notebooks, so your study sessions can be more successful.

Increase Your Attention Span

Aside from being disorganized, procrastination is another habit that could derail a student's efforts to succeed academically. For that reason, if you give into procrastination every once in awhile, you should also make "increasing your attention span" your new year's resolution. To that end, you should first create a distraction-free study space where you can focus on working. You can also try to set academic goals that will keep you driven, and do your best to keep up with your daily schedule (even set a rewards system to achieve it).

Improve Your Grades

Many students have the new year's resolution to do better and get better grades during the new year. If this is your case and you think you could improve your scores in school, you can, but it's going to take some hard work on your part. If you're prepared to make an effort, however, you should start by focusing on learning successfully. Then, you need to show up to your classes and pay attention. Of course, you should also do your assignments, since they help you practice and are part of your grade. And, you need to work with effective study methods for you that will help you learn for your tests.

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Become a Better Learner

As mentioned above, to improve your grades, you need to focus on actually learning your school lessons. This is because, while grades are important, learning is why you go to school. This is why you should make it your new year's resolution to become a better learner. This means that, instead of simply memorizing the information in your textbooks and notebooks, or what your teacher is saying, you should actually try to understand your school subjects. Doing so will help you become more knowledgeable during the new year.

Explore New Things

Another academic new year's resolution you can try for the following school term is to explore new things. It's highly likely that your school offers tons of different activities that you can participate in (from drama clubs and science clubs, to language courses and sporting teams). To make the most out of this year, step out of your comfort zone and challenge your mind. This will keep your brain developing, and it will give you new skills you can use in your daily life. Moreover, you'll get to meet new people while you're at it.

Stay Positive

Last but not least, a very important new year's resolution you should consider is to develop a "can do" attitude regarding your academic efforts. As you may be aware, negative thinking, such as "I can't do it" or "this is too hard for me" can actually interfere with your learning process. On the other hand, having a more positive mindset this year can change your life tremendously since it will allow you to do your best and have a more enriching learning experience. Furthermore, being positive can change your whole perspective on life, which can have important ramifications.

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