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The subject most students tend to get behind in is math. Children that struggle in math face several difficulties. At The Tutoring Center Near Parsippany, NJ, we have found that most often the root of the problem is a lack of strong math foundations. That is why today we want to explain three important mathematical concepts that need to be learned and well understood before a child can begin to fully understand more structured arithmetic and math ideas.

3 Important Math Foundations Children Need to Learn at an Early Age

 - Number recognition. Children need to learn how to recognize numbers and distinguish them. They need to learn the visual representation and the numerical name of each number. They should also be able to tell the difference between numbers and what they represent. For example, if they see a 1 and a 0 separated they should know that it is one and zero and when they see 10 together they need to recognize that as a number that represents ten. Children that have a good understanding of this early on can continue with other math levels at a better pace. The Tutoring Center Near Parsippany, NJ offers a Little Geniuses in Training” Program to get younger children started on the right path.

 - Knowledge of Quantity. The very first step into strong math foundations starts when a child is able to realize that things can be counted. Usually, children will set out to count their fingers or their toys and this is a good way to introduce them to the concept of quantity. At first, the actual term may not even be used. Parents can begin to introduce this concept at a very early age. Saying things like; ¨pick two toy cars to take with you¨ or ¨you have a lot of toys but choose three to play with,¨  helps children  understand the concept of quantity.

 - Operations.  In order to understand simple operations children must know that quantities can be decreased or increased depending on whether amounts are taken away or more are added. This may sound like a more complex concept but is not all that hard when explained with toys or candy. You can gather five small toys and ask them to remove one then explain that there are less now because they took one away (subtracted one). Then start off again with five toys and have them place one more and explain that there are more toys now because they placed one more (added one).

The Best Math Tutoring Near Parsippany, NJ

When children don´t learn the most basic and fundamental math structures, at a younger age, it is harder for them to catch up as they face more advanced concepts. Tutoring allows students to improve and even get ahead in math, regardless of their previous struggles. From helping young learners get a head start in math, to providing higher level math help for students. At The Tutoring Center Near Parsippany, NJ we have the ideal learning program for your child´s needs. Call us now at (973) 884-3100 and learn how we can help your child today.


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