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Summer is all about having fun, but that doesn't mean you need to leave learning behind. Try the following educational reading games with your child for a pleasant learning experience.

Summer Games That Encourage Reading and Creativity

All throughout the school year, your child sits in a classroom, listens to lessons, and completes assignments that are school related. When summer comes around all they really want to do is have fun, but that doesn't mean they have to stop learning. Today we want to share some fun and interesting reading games and learning activities that are perfect for encouraging educational fun this summer.

Fun Vocabulary and Reading Activity

Building up your child's vocabulary is essential for improving their reading comprehension, but going over vocabulary lists can get tedious. Instead, turn this into a game.

Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt

  • First, you will need an age-appropriate vocabulary list. You can look for one online based on your child's grade level or ask your child's teacher to give you a summer vocabulary list for your child. Reading Rocket's website offers some great reading vocabulary lists based on your child's grade level, which you can find here. If you have a very long vocabulary list, divide it into groups of 10-20 words that you con focus on per week. In order to introduce your child to those words in a fun manner, you can create a word scavenger hunt.
  • Grab a few large and colorful index cards and write one word per index card. Then, hide the index cards in strategic places around your house or backyard. On a separate piece of paper write down the definition of each word along with a clue about where that word is located. For example, if you hid the word suddenly under their bed, on the sheet of scavenger hunt hints you would write, "the word that means 'to happen without warning' is hidden where you sleep."
  • This is a fun activity that not only encourages your child to learn and remember vocabulary easily, but it also allows them to practice reading and following directions. All of these are important for improving working memory and reading comprehension.

Enroll Your Child in the Best Reading and Tutoring Program

Some great ways to help your child have fun and improve their reading abilities is to enroll them in summer reading programs and get them the right tutoring support. At The Tutoring Center, Parsippany NJ, expert tutors can work with your child to instill a love of reading while helping them improve their learning abilities and reading skills. Contact them today by filling out the form on this page, and ask about their reading and academic programs.

Reading Chairs Game: Musical Chairs but with a Twist

  • If you have played musical chairs before, this will sound very familiar as it is a fun way to tweak the traditional game while encouraging children take turns reading out loud.
  • You will need at least four participants to play and an adult to supervise the game. The materials you will need include a few chairs, a book, and prize if you want. First, line up the chairs (one less than the number of children that are playing).
  • Next, you will ask the children to circle around the chairs while you read the book. Make sure you let them know that whoever is next to read needs to at least read a page before they stop. While they listen to the reading they must be speed walking around the chairs without stopping. They need to be paying attention and practice good listening skills. The second you stop reading the book, they all need to sit down on a chair. The child left without a chair now gets to be the one reading.
  • You will need to remove one chair every time this happens so that the children left playing need to compete for a chair. Basically, there is always one participant without a chair until the number of children playing reduces.
  • The game ends when there is only one chair left and the winner is the last one sitting.

Empower Your Child to Read Better and Learn More This Summer with the Best Tutoring in Parsippany NJ

Playing games and completing educational activities as a family are some of the best ways to help your child read more and enjoy learning. Make this summer really count by helping your child have fun with family activities and the support from The Tutoring Center, Parsippany NJ. Contact them today at (973) 884-3100 and let them help your child increase their reading abilities this summer.


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