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Participating in class can help you become a better student and learner. For tips on how to get involved in your class discussions properly, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Parsippany NJ.

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How to Participate in Class

Prepare to Go to Class

The first thing to understand is that participating in a class discussion can actually add or subtract to your and your classmates' learning experience. That's why, it is necessary that you're prepared to have an intelligent participation and interaction with the rest of the class. To guarantee that you'll contribute and enrich the class discussions, you first need to know what the discussion is about. To prepare for your classes, you should do your homework and read the lectures assigned to you. This way, you'll know what others are talking about, and you'll be able to participate effectively.

Don't Be Nervous

Speaking in front of a group of people can be incredibly nerve-wracking to some. That's why, some students avoid participating in class altogether. They imagine they will say the wrong thing and be thought of in a negative way after that. If your nerves are what's keeping you from being an active participant in class and making the most out of your education, you should do a couple of things to remain calm. For one, you should do breathing exercises to lower your anxiety levels. It's also helpful to realize that everybody can make mistakes and that you're a student who is learning. Making mistakes is just part of the learning process.

Show Some Respect

You may have questions and opinions you have to share with the rest of your class, you may not. You may agree with what your teachers and peers are saying, and you may not. In any case, the best way to participate in your class discussions is to be respectful. If you start yelling, laughing, and more, you'll be creating a chaotic environment in your classroom that won't be conducive to learning. To keep the peace and the learning going, show some respect: raise your hand, wait for your turn to talk, and don't laugh or yell at others (even if you don't intend on participating).

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Pay Attention to Others

Participating in class entails much more than simply talking, sharing your opinions, and asking your questions. For you to contribute to the class discussion and allow the conversation to flow in an organic way, you need to listen and pay attention to what your peers and teachers are saying. Doing so won't only be a sign of respect, but it will allow you to build on what others have said and guide the conversation. Moreover, it will help you avoid repeating what someone else has already stated, meaning that the discussion will evolve without much problem.

Ask and Answer Questions

Answering and asking questions is the easiest form of class participation there is, as it allows you to get involved seamlessly. Especially if your classmates and teachers still intimidate you, questions may be the way to become an active participant in class (and raise your participation grade), without feeling that you're too exposed. For starters, you can ask questions whenever something isn't completely clear or when you need more information on a topic. You never know who could be sharing those same doubts and who your questions may benefit. You can also jump in whenever your teacher or one of your peers asks a question you have an answer to. Know that even if you get it wrong, you will be helping the whole class' learning process.

Speak Your Mind

The last tip that will help you participate in your class discussions is to speak your mind and share your opinions on the topic you're going over. If you do it in a respectful manner (waiting for your chance to talk and avoiding mocking or hurting others), sharing your opinion can help the group become more interesting, dynamic, and open minded. This is because you can inadvertently encourage others to share their opinions as well. And this can result in more successful learning experiences for you and all of your classmates.

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