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Going to the library with a child can increase their interest in reading. For tips on how to make your visit an enjoyable and successful one, read this post by The Tutoring Center, Parsippany NJ.

How to Go to the Library With a Young Child

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Set Some Ground Rules for the Day

If your child is younger and has never visited a library before (and even if they have), you should set some ground rules for your field trip before your arrival to the library. Doing so will help you avoid getting into trouble and disturbing others while you're there. Plus, setting and following said rules will guarantee that you'll have a great time during your excursion. Since people go to the library to read, work, and research, it's imperative that your child knows to be quiet and calm. Running around and yelling aren't permitted at the library. Not only that, but they should also stay near you at all times, so they don't get lost during your day out.

Teach Them How to Treat Books

Another thing you should teach your child before you get to library is how to treat books. Needless to say, if you're at the library, then you're going to see a lot of books. However, if your child doesn't know how to behave around them, they may get into some sticky situations. That's why you should tell them to be gentle when handling them. Don't let them toss them around, rip pages out, or damage them in any way. You should also inspect that their hands are clean before they start grabbing books, so they won't ruin them with dirty fingers. Furthermore, you should set a number of books they are allowed to take home with them, so they don't end up checking out the whole library.

Explore the Library Inside and Out

While endless rows of books are the most common image that comes to mind when thinking about a library, libraries have a lot more to offer than just books. They're a safeguard for stories, knowledge, and information, in any formats. This means that if you explore the library with your child, you're likely to find map collections, computer labs, and even a video library. Go through each of these spots to teach your child what they can visit a library for. You may also want to talk to a librarian, so they can explain to them how they keep track of all of the books, how they register them, etc., so you and your child can learn more about this fascinating world.

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Stop By the Children’s Section

Aside from computer labs and 'rare books' sections, some libraries have a spot that's specially for children. If the library you're visiting has one, be sure to stop by with your child. There, your child will be able to find a slew of books aimed at their age range and with topics that may interest them. Moreover, they'll also be made aware of certain activities (such as book clubs and/or story times) that are meant to get the children more interested in reading. Before your arrival to the library, you may even want to consult if any of such activities will be taking place, so your child can participate in them and start their journey into becoming a bookworm.

Take Some Books With You

Once your visit to the library has come to an end, you should encourage your child to take some books home with you. As mentioned above, you should set a book limit right from the get-go, to avoid misunderstandings and tantrums. In any case, you may want to give your child some freedom in choosing the material they take home. This will guarantee that they'll be interested in reading the books they go home with. Just make sure that the books they select are appropriate for their age and reading level. If your child is having a hard time picking out something to check out, you can turn to a librarian for some guidance. They'll probably have great recommendations that will make your child more eager to read.

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