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Summer can be the perfect time to build a reading habit. If you have reading goals you'd like to reach, follow the tips in this post by The Tutoring Center, Parsippany NJ

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How to Read More This Summer Break

Set Doable Reading Goals for Yourself

The first step is setting reading goals for yourself.  Goals will motivate you and give you a clear direction to work towards. Still, said goals should be specific and doable. A goal such as 'read more' is too broad and can lead to confusion. A goal such as 'read a book each night' is too unachievable and can dissuade you from reading. A good reading goal to set would be to 'read 20 pages each night'. You won't feel overwhelmed by it, which will make it more probable that you'll keep up with it and reach your summer reading goal.

Inform Others of Your Goals

Accountability can be a problem for some people. If you need help in this respect, you can enlist other people to that end. If you share your reading goals with your friends and family, they'll likely ask you about them from time to time. The pressure of letting them down and facing their judgement can actually encourage you to keep going. Moreover, they may be able to help you with opportune tips of what worked for them when they had a similar goal.

Always Have a Book Handy

You won't be able to meet your summer reading goals if you don't have any books handy that you can go over. Nowadays, you can carry a physical one in your backpack, or carry a thousand of them on your smartphone. Whatever your preferred reading method, always have reading material with you. This way, you can take it out and work on your goal whenever you have any downtime.

Tackle More Than One Book at Once

For some people, reading more than one book at once can seem very confusing. However, it can actually help you make some real progress on your summer reading goals. Your brain is a powerful machine and can very well manage reading more than book at the same time. Use this to your advantage this summer: switch between books depending on what speaks to your interests at the moment. This will ensure you always have enjoyable reading sessions.

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Move Away from Your Comfort Zone

Many people find a reading material they enjoy, and rarely move away from it. However, you never know what you could find in genres that you don't often explore. Make 'reading more' a goal about moving away from your comfort zone and reading more types of reading material (such as news reports, interviews, biographies, historical texts, and more).

Quit a Book if You Don't Like It

This challenge of reading more should be about having fun and enjoying your time with your books. Even though quitting a book may be frowned upon according to some people, you should feel free to do so. If you keep going even when you're not interested, you may find that reading becomes a chore you dread. This will, ultimately, slow you down or make you quit your reading goals entirely.

Try Reading Your Material on Different Platforms

Something to be thankful for is that you live in a time in which you can have your reading material in a myriad different platforms. As mentioned above, you can read on your phone, you can read on your computer, you can read on your tablet, you can read a physical book. Moreover, you can even 'listen' to your books (through audiobooks, of course). In any case, you need to realize that you have many reading options available and that you should take full advantage of them to ensure you reach your reading goals.

Share What You're Reading

As a last tip, you should share what you're reading with other people. You can form a book club with friends and family, or simply work in what you're reading into your conversations. You'll find that sharing will make your reading experiences more enriching, enjoyable, and motivating.

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