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How to Help Your Child Improve in School by Making Sure They Develop Better Listening Skills

There are many things that can cause students to struggle academically. However, more often than not it is the lack of good study habits and well-developed learning skills that affect a student's performance in school and hinder their academic performance. There are many learning skills that play an important role in this, however, among the most crucial is a student's listening abilities. Yet, even though this is one of the most necessary and basic learning skills, it tends to be the one that students struggle with the most.

Why Listening Skills Are Important

Listening skills are incredibly important for students because they are what helps them learn and understand. It is never enough to just hear the information, it is important that students are also able to process, retain, and understand what they hear. This is basically what listening is. Without good listening skills, students struggle and have a hard time learning in the classroom. It is important that students pay attention and actively listen to what the teacher has to say, otherwise they will always feel lost.

What is Active Listening?

Active listening is when you provide your undivided attention to whoever is speaking and you focus on what is being said. This means that when students are demonstrating good active listening skills they are not only hearing, but also thinking about, analyzing, and absorbing the information that is being given.

How to Help Your Child Develop Better Listening Skills

Like all other abilities, listening skills are abilities that need to be learned, developed, and strengthened. Young children tend to have very basic listening skills, but these can be developed and strengthened with diligence and constant practice. Reading out loud to children can help them to develop these listening skills as it forces them to not only listen to the story, but also to also process the information. This enables them to create images and scenarios of the story in their head.

Reading and Tutoring can Help Your Child Practice and Develop Better Listening Skills

As children get older they can then analyze the information further and make predictions or comments related to the story that they are listening to. It is also important to get them extra help and support to improve their listening and study skills. At The Tutoring Center, Parsippany NJ they have an excellent Study Skills Enrichment Program that is ideal for helping students improve their study skills and learning abilities. Click here to fill out the contact form today or call (973) 884-3100.

Listening Skills Inhibitors

There are different things that can keep a student from being able to practice good active listening skills. Many of these problems are based on three factors: lack of concentration, lack of interest, or lack of proper development of these and other learning skills.

3 Things That Can Prevent Students from Developing Good Listening Skills

  1. Difficulty focusing. Being able to stay concentrated and focused on what is being said can be challenging sometimes because there are both external (ex. other students talking) and internal factors (ex. not eating breakfast and being hungry or too weak to concentrate) that impact a student's ability to pay attention.
  2. Lack of interest. The interest or lack of interest that a student has in what is being said can directly impact their ability to listen and understand. This is why it is easier to listen and learn when the information is transmitted in a more interesting manner. Try to always help your child view school subjects as interesting or at least important so they can feel more encouraged to listen.
  3. Trouble with learning abilities. Without a doubt, it is fundamental that students develop and learn to build good listening skills. However, it isn't always easy and some students struggle more than others. Not all students are able to develop the listening skills and learning abilities in the same manner or at the same pace. This is why it is important to provide extra help for students that are struggling.

Improved Listening Skills with Tutoring in Parsippany NJ

At The Tutoring Center, Parsippany NJ, they have the best academic programs to help your child develop better learning abilities and improve their listening skills. Contact them today at (973) 884-3100 and give your child the opportunity to learn how to advance and prosper in an academic setting.


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