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An organized backpack can help your child have a more successful school year. To learn tips on how you can help them organize their backpack effectively, read this post.

How to Help Your Child Organize Their Backpack for the New School Year

More often than not, an organized student is a more academically successful student. This is because, as Understood mentions, organization skills are related to a student's ability to organize their ideas, follow instructions, handle new information, and more. That's why, if you want your child to work on their organization skills, you can help them arrange their backpack effectively, so it can allow them to carry and find what they need to have a positive learning experience.

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Help Them Choose the Perfect Backpack

Before anything else happens, you need to help your child choose the perfect backpack for them, as this can have a very real impact on their organization skills, their academic success, and their health. To that end, ensure their backpack has the following:
  • A design your child likes, so they're more eager to stay organized
  • Enough room to fit all of their school supplies
  • Different bags or sections to organize their belongings
  • An ergonomic design that distributes weight evenly and is comfortable for your child
  • Padded straps (make sure your child wears both of them)
  • If allowed, choose a backpack with wheels

Get Their School Supplies Ready

There's no real need for a backpack if your child doesn't have the necessary supplies for their school life. For that reason, before you start organizing the backpack, you need to verify that your child has everything they will need to have a positive learning experience. It's recommended that you go through the supplies they already have, make a list of the things they're missing, and take that list when you go shopping for them. You may even want to purchase extras so your child can have those key items at all times.

Create and Stick to an Organization System

Having a system will help your child stay organized throughout their school year. For example, you can teach them to arrange their books, notebooks, and folders by size, by subject, or in the order they'll be needed (though Infinity Wellness Chiropractic recommends always keeping the heavier objects in the back of the backpack, to alleviate some of the stress on your child's body). In any case, teach your child to always stick to their organization system, and to place their things where they belong, so their backpack doesn't become messy.

Pack the Backpack Every Day

Your child should pack their backpack every day. This won't only help them keep their belongings as organized as possible, but it's also a matter of health. When they're going through their backpack, remind them to take out the things they won't need for the following school day, and to pack the items they will. This way, they won't have to carry all of those heavy objects with them every single day.

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Give Them a Pencil Case

It's easier to misplace, lose, or forget about smaller items (such as pens, pencils, erasers, and more), when they're floating around at the bottom of the backpack. To ensure your child will always have these items handy when they need them, give them a pencil case where they can place them. Again, teach them to always put those supplies back where they belong when they're done with them.

Label the Backpack

A backpack is filled with a student's assignments, notes, books, school supplies, and other important items for their education. That's why losing a backpack can be absolutely tragic. To guarantee your child will have a higher chance of retrieving theirs if they misplace it, label it. Including their name, grade, and phone number somewhere can be of great help.

Deep Clean the Backpack Regularly

Last but not least, help your child keep their backpack organized and neat, by deep cleaning it regularly (e.g., every two weeks). Especially if your child is one to keep loose papers, food wrappers, and other trash in their backpack, a wash may be just what the backpack needs to stay as clean as possible and continue providing the service your child needs it for.

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