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You multiply numbers in your daily life more than you notice. To teach your child this basic math skill, you should read this post that The Tutoring Center, Parsippany NJ has prepared for you.

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How to Teach Your Child to Multiply

Teach Them the Basics of Math

The first thing you should do if you want your child learn to multiply effectively is to teach them the basics of math. This is because you can't expect them to perform complicated math equations if they don't have any foundation to build upon. To help them grasp the concepts successfully, teach them what multiplying is and what they'll use it for. Likewise, ensure they know how to count and add comfortably before moving forward.

Go Over Pairs in Multiplications

Adding a number to itself several times isn't the most effective way to multiply. That's why your child should learn the time tables. Still, learning all of those numbers and memorizing them can be fairly intimidating to a child. To ease this memorization process, you can teach your child about pairs in multiplications. This means that "the order of the factors does not alter the product". Basically, it means that 6 x 5 = 30, and that 5 x 6 = 30. It will reduce their memorization process significantly.

Give Them a Chance to Practice

Learning to multiply can be a challenging feat for a child. That's why you need to be patient and give them a chance to practice. It's even suggested that you search for practice opportunities online. For example, you can download some apps and games to that end or print practice sheets for them to complete at home. If needed, offer incentives (such as going for ice cream) so they're eager to do them correctly.

Help Them Memorize With Mnemonic Devices

You know the time tables by heart, so it's not difficult for you to figure out what 8 x 7 is in a moment's notice. Still, as mentioned above, all of those numbers could overwhelm a child. If you notice your child is having a challenging time with this, you could turn to mnemonic devices to help them in the memorization process. To that end, teach them fun and silly songs and rhymes that allude to the information they should be retaining.

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Cater to Your Child's Learning Style

As you may have noticed, people learn in different ways. Some people are extremely good at understanding sounds, others have a gift for remembering visual cues, while others need to use their hands and body to completely assimilate information. That's why, to help your child learn to multiply effectively, you should first know what their learning style is. Once you know that, you can adapt their learning methods to fit it and create a more successful learning experience.

To Help Them Learn the Time Tables

There are other tips you can teach your child to help them learn the time tables. For instance:
  1. To multiply times 1, the result will be the same as the number they want to multiply. 6 x 1 = 6.
  2. To multiply times 2, they just need to add the number to itself one time over. 6 x 2 = 12 because 6 + 6 = 12.
  3. To multiply times 5, your child only needs to remember the clock. they should also be aware that every answer will end in 0 or 5.
  4. To multiply by 10, they should only add a 0 to the right of the number they want to multiply. 6 x 10 = 60.
  5. Lastly, to multiply a single digit times 11, your child will only have to repeat the number once. 6 x 11 = 66.

Allow Them to Progress at Their Pace

Last but not least, something very important to be mindful of, is that you should allow your child to proceed at their own pace. To you, multiplying may be easy, but they're still developing a skill. For that reason, you should try your best to be patient with them and avoid pushing them. For instance, don't make them multiply double digit numbers until they have mastered the single digits multiplications. If you do it too soon, it's likely that you'll just overwhelm them, intimidate them, and discourage them from learning other math equations.

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