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Having trouble helping your child in spelling and vocabulary? Read the following advice so you can know where to start.

Building Better Vocabulary

Helping your child build their vocabulary can facilitate their development in other academic areas. The broader your child's vocabulary is, the more likely they are to succeed in higher level education. That is why you should focus on encouraging them and helping them improve their vocabulary. The following information can help guide you towards better vocabulary building at home.

Pay Attention to How You Talk Around Your Child

Avoid talking to children using small words or with a short speech all the time. This is necessary in some cases, such as when you are giving directions and instructions, but not all the time. Instead, help them improve their vocabulary level by exposing them to more advanced language. Using proper and more eloquent vocabulary will help your child improve their vocabulary and raise their own language standards. Allow your child to listen to your business jargon or phone conferences that are not inappropriate.

Tutoring Helps Build Better Vocabulary and Improves Their Reading and Writing Skills

If your child seems to have a hard time with reading and writing, it is likely they will also have trouble with vocabulary. Tackle all these problems and help them advance with the help of the tutoring experts at The Tutoring Center, Parsippany NJ. Contact them right now at (973) 884-3100 and learn more about their academic programs and how they can help your child.

Expose Your Child to More Academic Conversations

Another great way to ensure your child advances their vocabulary is by exposing them to higher education television shows and events. Educational channels like the History Channel and Discovery have some interesting shows that not only help your child learn more, but also use a more professional form of speech that can help your child improve their own vocabulary and language. You can also look for some educational videos online on subjects that your child is interested in, just make sure that you choose quality content.

Teach Your Child to Use a Dictionary and Thesaurus

Encourage your child to improve their speech through a thesaurus and the use of synonyms. Using synonyms is a great way to widen your child's vocabulary and help them understand the meaning of new words. Introduce your child to the use of a dictionary and thesaurus. Although nowadays it is a lot easier to look up words and find synonyms online or on a mobile phone, avoid doing this and instead invest in a physical dictionary and thesaurus. Studies have proven that physically looking up a word in a dictionary or thesaurus increases the chances of learning the word better and memorizing it. Since it takes more effort to look up a word in the dictionary instead of online, your brain will also make a bigger effort to remember it so that you don't have to go through the same trouble with the same word.

Communicate with Your Child's Teacher

Maintain close communication with your child's teacher and stay on top of homework and books that your child is reading at school. It is likely that they receive a periodic vocabulary list they need to learn. Make a copy and post it on the mirror or fridge and use those words more often in your daily conversations with your child. Ask your child's teacher for any extra activities or tips for you to try at home in regards to vocabulary building.

Motivate Your Child to Build a Better Vocabulary

It is also important that you motivate your child to improve their vocabulary and while turning it into something fun. Some students view vocabulary as tedious and boring only because they haven't been stimulated to learn it in a more active and engaging manner. Play word games and vocabulary building activities at home and as part of your family time. Scrabble is a good board game to try, but there are many others. This article at The Spruce lists a few. Also, you can look up online games for synonyms and vocabulary. Spelling City offers a few good resources in regards to vocabulary games. 

Better Vocabulary Building and Learning with Tutoring in Parsippany NJ

Building better vocabulary is not just about memorizing words, it is about learning more. It is not just about improving in grammar and literacy skills, it is about building better comprehension overall. Tutoring can help your child achieve this and much more. At The Tutoring Center, Parsippany NJ, your child can enjoy the best academic programs and improve this school year. Contact them today at (973) 884-3100 or fill out the form on this page. 


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